Pierre Cassou-Noguès

My Zombie and I

Philosophy as Fiction

What and where am I?

After revisiting a number of classical positions on the nature and status of the subject (notably Descartes) and possible answers to the question of what I am (a person? a machine?), the book develops an original theory based on the notion of imaginary figures.

It offers a new way of doing philosophy, based on and using fiction. This method is implemented by analysing a series of figures drawn from literature, including classic authors such as Poe, Maupassant and Nerval, as well as science fiction writers such as Wells, Conan Doyle, Stapledon and Ph. K. Dick. But the author also experiment with fictions of philosophical experience: can I, literally, lose my head? be invisible? untouchable? inhabit a painting? be made of several pieces?

Exploring the question of the subject is a journey, through the fiction, of a part of philosophy as well as a philosophical journey through science fiction.

Download the English translation of the first chapter : Losing One's Head

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